Environmental Management

JP Flynn is committed to the development of a better environment for everyone.


Through ongoing programs that develop cleaner and more sustainable ways of doing everyday activities, we hope to make our space on this Earth a more pleasant place to live and work. Management, staff, contractors and suppliers in our value chain can work together in a spirit of mutual acceptance and understanding towards the commonly set goals of cleaner and more efficient use of water, air, land, waste and energy.


Through the development of our Environmental Management Plan (EMP), JP Flynn will:

  • develop a greater understanding of the impact of people and building repairs on the environment
  • gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the principles of sustainable development
  • use our knowledge of environmental management practices to apply strategies within our standard operating and service delivery procedures
  • be able to identify the areas of service delivery that we can manage more effectively in the context of Environmental Management
  • design and implement ways of improving monitoring, evaluating, reviewing and reporting the EMP
  • encourage stakeholders to improve their environmental performance and gain an understanding of their place in the whole community
  • develop an understanding of the benefits of communicating our environmental performance to our primary customers,
  • Make a lifetime commitment to environmental management best practice at both the individual and corporate level.

To achieve this, JP Flynn has adopted a formal AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 compliant Environmental Management System to provide our corporate guidance.