Code of Conduct

We, at JP Flynn, take pride in our reputation for dealing with our customers and stakeholders with absolute integrity and respect.

Our Code of Conduct includes our core values and captures the spirit of JP Flynn.

It also provides a framework for all of us at JP Flynn, to help guide our decisions, actions and behaviour.

What is the Code of Conduct and its purpose?

Our Code of Conduct is a statement of our corporate ethics and philosophy, and underpins our business decisions, actions and behaviour.

The code provides clear guidelines to managers, staff and contractors, so that there is a common understanding of the values and expected standards of behaviour for all.

The objective of the code is to make sure that high standards of corporate and individual behaviour are observed in conducting the business of JP Flynn and to provide support for those behaviours.

In general, by conducting ourselves in a manner consistent with our core values, we will be meeting the standards required by the code.

Who does the code apply to?

Our Code of Conduct applies to all managers, employees and full time trade service providers at JP Flynn.

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